Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Farewell to a friend

Rest in peace spotted girl. You've rightfully earned your place among the clouds.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Some people are so ignorant

I sat here this morning wondering why I set up this site. More often then not I keep my opinions to myself because I feel that they are mine. I don’t appreciate people forcing their opinions on me, so why should I do it to them? However after browsing a website at lunch today that I frequent from time to time and reading a statement by someone, I feel the need to say something.

The ignorance of some people is astounding!

The question that was proposed was this: If you could have any animal in this world for your own personal enjoyment what would it be?

The answer: a tiger

Society it so misinformed on some subjects that it’s mind blowing. People can sit for hours on end and debate subjects of politics and religious dissention. These topics are covered massively in media today, however others are obviously neglected.

Why, of all things, is this such a bother to me?
After having spent the last four months at a wild cat rescue facility I have paid witness to the victims of those who make naive comments such as above. These animals have spent a good portion of their lives abused and neglected because their owners were misinformed and uneducated on just what it was they were getting into. They think that having a tiger is a phenomenal idea so they cough up the money to a private pet store and get one. They don’t take the animal’s well being into account when they’re signing over that check. No their own selfish impulses are in control.

These animals come to us starved, declawed, defanged. They come to us sick from years of poor nutrition. They come to us so traumatized that even seeing something as simple as a camera sends them into a fit of aggression. And these are the success stories. More of these poor animals are put down because they attacked someone or injured someone. People forget that they are wild animals. You cannot take hundreds of years of instincts to hunt and kill away. So when something goes wrong, the animal pays by death.

You can’t make a wild animal a pet!

The beginning of it all

So this is how it begins? A blank box in front of me waiting for me to just write?

I can do this.

(I think)